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Puglia Slow Guide



Embark on a Journey of Authentic Discovery with Our Puglia Slow Travel Guide.

Puglia, a region steeped in rich history and captivating landscapes, holds treasures waiting to be uncovered. While many have admired its beauty, few have delved into its true essence.

Our guide takes you beyond the surface, unveiling genuine local insights and hidden gems that define Puglia’s unique charm. From the renowned landmarks to the secret enclaves, we invite you to immerse yourself in its authentic traditions, savor its distinct flavors, and forge a deep connection with the soul of this remarkable region.

Join us on this extraordinary voyage as we unveil Puglia’s best-kept secrets, allowing you to embrace the true spirit of this enchanting destination.


Puglia Slow Travel Guide curated with passion by Verónica and Cristina.

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A guide crafted with respect and love for Puglia, embracing its rich culture, cherished traditions, vibrant art, and its warm-hearted people. We hope to have been able to convey this vision.


What does the guide contain?

*Information about Puglia and its 6 provinces

*Our favorite hotels and houses (more than 60 options in all the region!)

*The local restaurants we have enjoyed the most (divided by location)

*Local experiences to learn and make your trip unique

*Interviews with locals to learn more about Puglia

*Local Mini guides

*1 week in Puglia itinerary

*Our personal recommendations


What will you find?

*A digital guide

*295 pages

*Downloadable PDF


You’re aiming to discover the island by:


  1. Enjoying local experiences
  2. Staying at hidden gems
  3. Honouring the land
puglia slow travel guide
puglia slow travel guide
puglia slow travel guide
puglia slow travel guide
puglia slow travel guide
puglia slow travel guide
puglia slow travel guide
puglia slow travel guide
Based on 8 reviews
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Amanda Dixon

Mallorca Slow Guide


Very interesting and useful for me!

So thorough

Better than anticipated, a truly beautiful guide

Menorca Slow Travel Guide
Carlota Sanjuan
Llevaba semanas esperando esta guía y no me puede gustar más! :)

Llevaba semanas esperando esta guía y no me puede gustar más! :)
Cada página está llena de cariño y detalle, exactamente lo que uno puede esperar al seguir su contenido en Instagram durante tanto tiempo. A pesar de visitar Menorca al menos una vez al año, esta guía me ha revelado lugares que desconocía por completo. ¡No puedo dejar de recomendarla! Si quieres descubrir los secretos mejor guardados de la isla, no dudes en comprarla. Gracias chicas!

2 different trips, much better experience, same location!

I was lucky to find Slow mediterranean before my trip to Menorca and even though I already had my whole itinerary made (thinking it was the best) I decided to buy this guide and compare both and what a SURPRISE!! I'm sure I would have liked Menorca with my plans but I extremely loved it and can't wait to come back and do the rest of the tips into this guide. THANK YOU!

The Slow Travel Guide for Menorca is a game-changer

This guide completely transformed my trip, providing me with insider tips, off-the-beaten-path gems, and meaningful experiences. It saved me sooo much time finding out the best experiences and beaches! This guide made navigating Menorca a breeze and helped me create the best itinerary possible. If you're looking for an unforgettable and authentic travel experience, this guide is an absolute must-have.

Mallorca Slow Guide
The Slow Mediterranean

Love it

Menorca Slow Travel Guide
Salvatore Scandurra

Menorca Slow Travel Guide

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