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Fulya Cerik

It could not be otherwise, one of our first mediterranean muses is Fulya Celik; a young and talented creative mind, passionate about nature, architecture and different cultures and whose source of inspiration is (and has always been) our beloved Mediterranean.


Based in Hamburg (Germany) but with Turkish roots, this 29-year-old shares her passion for slow travel and cultures from around the world through her careful and relaxed photography. 


Also through her charming paintings, in which she expresses all the magic and art of slowlife. On her travels, slowly savoring Mediterranean food, photography and perfumes are a meaningful vital whole. Discover her coming trips, projects and inspirations and immerse yourself in the world of Fulya Celik, where everything is full of soul.

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Hi Fulya! Can you explain a bit about yourself? 

Hi, my name is Fulya, I am 29 years old and my home base is Hamburg, Germany. 


Once I discovered that my purpose in life is to inspire and to fully live a life with a deep connection to everything I love, I started to change. 


I quit my corporate Job as a Head of Marketing and started to be a fully self-employed artist. 

Tell us about your passion for traveling and exploring the Mediterranean 

For me, the biggest part of my creative work is to travel. I love to travel and to get inspired by new impressions of architecture, nature and cultures.


My favorite way of traveling is to stay in old houses with old souls in nature.


To go to markets and just to try to live the most authentic and simple way you can live as a traveler in a new country or region. 

Which is your next destination?

Greece Islands and Puglia again.

mediterranean muse fulya cerik puglia masseria




How do you find beauty in the simple and day-to-day?

For me the simplest things in life are the most beautiful ones. There is nothing more beautiful to me than being in nature, cooking a simple meal with a lot of vegetables and just living a slow-paced life.




What makes your images special?

I think my images and also my art works are calming. Through my images and my art works I want to share a save place with my community where everyone feels a little warm and get inspired to life a more slow life.




Which was your first contact with the Mediterranean?

I have Mediterranean roots since both of my parents are from Turkey. So all my life I have felt connected to the Mediterranean. 

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mediterranean muse fulya cerik drawing italy

How does the Mediterranean influence you? Work, art and life. 


The mediterraenen region is my biggest inspiration. I just love how everything feels, tastes and looks. The old stone houses, the sun, the ocean, I just love everything about being in the mediterranean. 


It not only influenced my art works or my life. We created also a perfume, that is inspired by a Mediterraenen summer night – nousence. Our first scent is called “eau de boheme”.


When did you launch, and what is the story behind nousence?

We launched last year in summer after developing the vision & perfume for over a year.


We needed to do a lot of research, since we wanted to produce everything in the most sustainable way and also locally in our hometown, in Hamburg, Germany. 


What drove us is when we found which ingredients & sourcing practices traditional perfume houses use – we were so shocked that we thought “we want to change that”

Felix and I have combined our two passions: for Felix, who advises large beauty corporations in the area of sustainability, and for me, to be able to express myself even more in a creative way.

This is how nousence came about. 


Why a fragrance?

Perfumes tells stories.

A scent is perceived differently by everyone and each scent note evokes a different memory. through the olfactory synergy of different scents, you evoke emotions and that’s what we live and love for.

We want to move and inspire people. with everything we do.

Tell us: which is your favorite Mediterranean places so far?

Italy, Puglia – because my soul feels at home there. I love that everyone lives a truly slow lived pace there and that they really stick to their culture and traditions. (Check our Puglia Slow Travel Guide!)


And Mallorca, of course – The Island has a special energy for me. I feel the most inspired when I am in Mallorca, especially in Deia. (Planning a trip to Mallorca?)




And your favorite meat or dish?

I think… that Pasta alla Norma a and Fiori di Zucca!




Mediterranean muses that inspire you?

I love Matilda Djerf and how she is so soft and conscious with everything.

And the universe of Miren Alos.




Last book readed?

“Lighter” By Yung Pueblo





Thank you so much for your words and time, Fulya. 

Do not forget to visit her beautiful Instagram account!

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fulya cerik tonara italy

Meet Fulya Cerik: Creative mind that inspires us with her beautiful creations and gathering stories inspired by the Mediterranean aesthetics.

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