(Mallorca, Spain)


Casa Balandra

A family house transformed into a retreat and artists’ residence, with sisters Isabella and Claudia (along with their friend Cecile) as perfect hosts. Casa Balandra is an accommodation brimming with history that invites you to dream and surrender to an artistic way of life.
  • Pòrtol, Mallorca
  • Artists’ Residence and Guesthouse
  • Adults only
  • 6 rooms
  • Pool, inner courtyard, garden
  • Amazing breakfasts and dinners

An oasis in the midst of the Mallorcan paradise, brimming with life and art. So much art.

Casa Balandra is the family house where sisters Claudia and Isabella grew up, transformed today into a magical guesthouse and artists’ residence. Located in Pòrtol, a small Mallorcan village known for its traditional ceramics, this artistic haven celebrates Mediterranean life and art in all its glory.


Within its beautiful interiors, the house boasts six rooms and six shared studio spaces that promote calm, silence, and the relaxed bohemian spirit that envelops communal living. Regarding its decor and design, we find an eclectic and rural style, infused with a fresh Mediterranean air that pervades the house. Influenced by various inspirations, Casa Balandra is a place where everyone is more than welcome.


It’s a place where the soul is nourished by the culture and art that permeates every corner. Casa Balandra is all about creating experiences that bring together different people with shared interests. Add this artists’ residence to your wish list. You’re going to love it!


Photography courtesy of Casa Balandra ©

The Slow Travel Notes

What you can't miss

This unique artists’ residence stands out for its exceptional hospitality and distinctive experience. What makes this place truly remarkable is not only its beautifully maintained family house but also the warm welcome you receive from the owners, Isabella and Claudia. Their passion for art and creativity infuses every aspect of the guesthouse, creating a vibrant and inspiring atmosphere. What sets this residence apart is the coexistence it fosters among artists from diverse disciplines. Whether you’re a painter, writer, musician, or any kind of creative, you’ll find a welcoming community here.

Hotel's Highlights

The artists’ residence encourages collaboration and exploration, making it an ideal retreat for anyone seeking an artistic escape. Also, Its eclectic style and Mediterranean ambiance are reflected in each of its spaces, such as the spacious living room with its Italian marble fireplace. Additionally, the beautiful garden, outdoor dining area, and swimming pool provide the perfect setting to savor the simple pleasures of Mediterranean life, whether it’s sunbathing, swimming, or simply enjoying a good book.

Casa Balandra is nestled in Pòrtol, a charming Mallorcan village renowned for its pottery and the perfect place to immerse yourself in a truly local and Mallorcan experience.


Moreover, it’s just a 20-minute drive from Palma de Mallorca, making it an ideal central point on the island to explore and be enchanted by the magic of Mallorca.

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Beauty, warmth, and character could be the perfect adjectives to define Amagatay (which means ‘hideaway’ in Menorcan). Located on a 19th-century agricultural estate, this new and lovely boutique hotel, bathed in spectacular natural light, has all the essential elements to dazzle on your long-awaited days of relaxation.


Behind this marvelous accommodation is the interior designer Virginia Nieto, responsible for creating absolutely everything in this magical and endearing ‘hidden’ world. The perfect combination of natural materials like wood, linen, and stone, along with the use of artisanal materials, wrought iron, and ceramics, has created an atmosphere filled with happiness.


Let yourself be carried away by the beauty infused in every small, carefully thought-out detail of Amagatay, by the gentle palette of warm greens, ochres, and browns that reign in each of its spaces and envelop you without even blinking. By the enticing pool enclosed in a bubble of peace and harmony, and by its delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Let yourself go and recharge with the beautiful energy that prevails at Amagatay.


The perfect refuge for a perfect getaway.


Photography courtesy of Amagatay ©

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